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Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks Chance - You're Pawesome!

Sorry to be so late posting this!

Last Wednesday we got our package from Chance for the April Swap 'n Tails. He was so nice, he was only supposed to send one present for us, but he sent four - one for each of us, including George (and a really cool card that had a nip fish on it!)!!! Look at all this cool stuff...

Chance this is a great Cat Dancer - see I'm dancing!

Pearl's enjoying the pink ring toy - it works best on the tile!

Hey George, go play with that cool bone toy you got and give me back my real-live-dead shrimp toy!

Here's the present for Mommy - it's a cool Asian lucky Cat. She really loved it, she's always wanted one! We think she should live with Sammy on the window sill (and we think she's a she because she's pink), but we're going to need a name for her.

1 comment:

Miz Allie Cat said...

ahhh aren;t those the cutest...I love them kitties...meow...and Chance what a dancer you are...puurrrr....