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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shadow and Chance got Presents!

Shadow Here! Chance and I would like to thank Mr. Hendrix and his family for our wonderful Swap N' Tails presents. His Mommy got her colors all mixed up so we got yellow stuff, but we don't mind. I'm colorblind and Chance says pink is a girly color so yellow works for us. Hehehe. I got this neat squeaky tennis ball toy that is shaped like a bone, but looks and feels like a tennis ball. Tennis balls are one of my favourite toys. Especially if they squeak!
And Chance got this very cute yellow ducky. It came with replaceable catnip packets that get stuffed in his back. He lost it in less than 5 minutes! That means he really likes it. (Don't worry, Mommie found it under the couch 5 minutes later).
We are soo happy with our presents we couldn't help but snuggle and kissy on each other. Even though I think he's still a silly kitten and he thinks I am just a moving play thing.
Thanks again for the presents! We love them!.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks Chance - You're Pawesome!

Sorry to be so late posting this!

Last Wednesday we got our package from Chance for the April Swap 'n Tails. He was so nice, he was only supposed to send one present for us, but he sent four - one for each of us, including George (and a really cool card that had a nip fish on it!)!!! Look at all this cool stuff...

Chance this is a great Cat Dancer - see I'm dancing!

Pearl's enjoying the pink ring toy - it works best on the tile!

Hey George, go play with that cool bone toy you got and give me back my real-live-dead shrimp toy!

Here's the present for Mommy - it's a cool Asian lucky Cat. She really loved it, she's always wanted one! We think she should live with Sammy on the window sill (and we think she's a she because she's pink), but we're going to need a name for her.

Hendrix and Bendrix got their Swap N Tails

yippie! i had a really cruddy week last week cause my beans worked so much. Saturday was wonderful cause my friend Miz Allie Cat sent my April Swap N Tails package.

I don't have playing pictures yet cause I have an icky tummy. Three hairballs in 2 days. I wonder what Bendrix is trying to say? When mommy left for work this morning I seemed to be perkier so hopefully I'll want to play tonight. I wanted the Whisker Lickens right now, but mommy sayz not till my tummy feels better. That is why we kept her up all night. tee hee hee

Mommy loves all the fun stuff she got too! She wore the pretty pink bandanna yesterday while she planted her butterfly garden (no photos cause she wasn't wearing make-up) and the Hello Kitty charm is on her phone! She loves Hello Kitty (who doesn't?) and it makes her think of Daisy when she sees it.

She and daddy blew bubbles with the nummy gum (mommy is a gum addict and still buys "Blow Pops" for fun).

I can't wait till tonight to play with my cool fun toys! The glowy ball totally is fun to chase (I chased it under the couch one before laying down again - that sayz a lot since my tummy is upset) and the fuzzy dangly toy on the stick was fun to bat around on my back.

Thank you so much Miz Allie Cat! You're a sweetheart!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wowzie Dowzie, Thank You, PB&J

sIn this picture I've claimed the bag of homegrown nip for myself.  Miss Sophie is sniffing the bag by my right paw. We found out that Jake is immune to the stuff. Which is probably good because if he were any more hyper becuase he would drive us all over the edge.  
Wow, this stuff is yummy! I think this is the best nip ever. Let me at it!

I have one more picture of Sophie chewing on the feather toy, but Mom can't upload it for me.Bloger is being difficult. It's too bad that you can't see it, because she really is having fun with that toy. It's called a Fabulous Las Vegas Showgull by Fat Cat.  It's treated with catnip too. PB&J also sent a beautiful bookmark for Mom, I think. It looks like something that Artsy Catsy might have made.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH PB&J! Your home grown nip is quite a treat. We love it.
From, Tyler and Sibs

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thank you Queen Snickers For Mees Toy

I posted on my webbie but I will post here too...Meow Meow to Queen Snickers for mes great toy and cat nips...And Mommy thanks you too for her photo album...Meow....and tons of Purrrsss

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mizz Allie's Mom got her March Treat

Lookie what Miz Allie's Mom got??? A wonderful Yankee aromatherapy candle in green!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo meooooooooowwwwwwwwwww much....puuurrrsss Tylers Tattles

March Swap N Tails

Looky what I got! My March Swap N Tail! I got nommy nommy Pounce treats and cool Cat candy! I do a funny thing with those, I sniff and sniff at the canister until mommy gives me one and then I lick it and suck it until it is all wet and gooey and then I leave it for mommy to clean up. ha ha ha. I am so funny.

Mommy got some pretty green yarn she'll make into squiggles and nip pouches for me and the kitties at the shelter.

She and daddy to tic tacs. They're enjoying those together. They say it makes kissen nicer. eeeewwww.

Thank you Cathy Ch!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Partner Meow-Up

Please be sure to check your in box as all partners have been assigned and addresses sent to you via "Miz Allie's" email...... Please let Miz Allie knows as soon as purr-sible if you did not receive it...

All swaps to be sent by the end of the month and are to be "PINK" ....be sure to send 1 to your purr-ner and 1 to their mommy... :) Meow....

Have a Meow swap month!!!

ohs...be sure to post your thank you and a photos of what yous got here!!!!

Thanks Samantha!

Thank you so much for all your cute goodies, my cat is going nuts chasing that little bag of catnip around, which I think is making him thoroughly stoned. Also, the bath stuff is divine!!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Miz Allie's Mommy....March Package Received

Happy Birthday to Miz Allie's Mom....

Miz Allie got her wonderful package for March...and she wants to Meow Meow Tyler....she loves all her goodies, especially the turtle....and last night while mommy was asleeps Miz Allie crept into the diningroom and pulled that bags of cat nips off the shelves....Mommy was a little tiffed because it was all overs the place..Miz Allie tried to deny, but meess whiskers still had some grass hanging from thems...Meows......