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Thursday, April 17, 2008

March Swap N Tails

Looky what I got! My March Swap N Tail! I got nommy nommy Pounce treats and cool Cat candy! I do a funny thing with those, I sniff and sniff at the canister until mommy gives me one and then I lick it and suck it until it is all wet and gooey and then I leave it for mommy to clean up. ha ha ha. I am so funny.

Mommy got some pretty green yarn she'll make into squiggles and nip pouches for me and the kitties at the shelter.

She and daddy to tic tacs. They're enjoying those together. They say it makes kissen nicer. eeeewwww.

Thank you Cathy Ch!!


PB & J said...

That all looks like fun!

cathych said...

my kitties love those little treats I sent you, they recognize the packs that they come in, and scavange after them, lol.

Miz Allie Cat said...

Miz Allie loves them too. :) Meow