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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shadow and Chance got Presents!

Shadow Here! Chance and I would like to thank Mr. Hendrix and his family for our wonderful Swap N' Tails presents. His Mommy got her colors all mixed up so we got yellow stuff, but we don't mind. I'm colorblind and Chance says pink is a girly color so yellow works for us. Hehehe. I got this neat squeaky tennis ball toy that is shaped like a bone, but looks and feels like a tennis ball. Tennis balls are one of my favourite toys. Especially if they squeak!
And Chance got this very cute yellow ducky. It came with replaceable catnip packets that get stuffed in his back. He lost it in less than 5 minutes! That means he really likes it. (Don't worry, Mommie found it under the couch 5 minutes later).
We are soo happy with our presents we couldn't help but snuggle and kissy on each other. Even though I think he's still a silly kitten and he thinks I am just a moving play thing.
Thanks again for the presents! We love them!.

1 comment:

Miz Allie Cat said...

how cute is that, and funny about the Yellow..lookie your furry friend got a toy too! meow.....fun one in deedy...