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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hendrix and Bendrix got their Swap N Tails

yippie! i had a really cruddy week last week cause my beans worked so much. Saturday was wonderful cause my friend Miz Allie Cat sent my April Swap N Tails package.

I don't have playing pictures yet cause I have an icky tummy. Three hairballs in 2 days. I wonder what Bendrix is trying to say? When mommy left for work this morning I seemed to be perkier so hopefully I'll want to play tonight. I wanted the Whisker Lickens right now, but mommy sayz not till my tummy feels better. That is why we kept her up all night. tee hee hee

Mommy loves all the fun stuff she got too! She wore the pretty pink bandanna yesterday while she planted her butterfly garden (no photos cause she wasn't wearing make-up) and the Hello Kitty charm is on her phone! She loves Hello Kitty (who doesn't?) and it makes her think of Daisy when she sees it.

She and daddy blew bubbles with the nummy gum (mommy is a gum addict and still buys "Blow Pops" for fun).

I can't wait till tonight to play with my cool fun toys! The glowy ball totally is fun to chase (I chased it under the couch one before laying down again - that sayz a lot since my tummy is upset) and the fuzzy dangly toy on the stick was fun to bat around on my back.

Thank you so much Miz Allie Cat! You're a sweetheart!

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Miz Allie Cat said...

Oooohhhh meows...lots of purrs mes so glad that your beans and you loved your prezzies....Miz allie wanted to make you a nice package since you had been waiting so long for ones...I do hopes those bad hair balls go away...meow and will purr for you ....