Hello and welcome to the best meow cat swap place in blogland. Sign -up now for Miz Allie Cat's monthly "Swap n' Tails"and make some purrfectly wonderful feline friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome To Miz Allie Cat "Swap n' Tails" Fun

Miz Allie Cat would like to welcome everyone to her swap. This is going to be fun, easy, inexpensive, and cat-licious. Just sign up and join in on the meow fun!

The swap will also be opened to her furry doggie friends. so if you have a dog you are welcome to sign up, too!!
The Purrruuuffff Rules:
  • sign up by posting here
  • send an email to Miz Allie Cat to include your human Mommy's name and address, and blog
  • post a link to this blog on your blog
  • always mail out your packages before the end of the month
  • follow the meow themes
  • if you do not send your package by the 10th of the following month an angel will be assigned and you will be required to send a "JIC" [just in case] package to Miz Allie Cat to send to your partner if you do not send your package.
  • if you do not send a package the 2nd time you will be banned from all future swaps

What to send:

  • 1 meow gifty for your kitty/doggie partner
  • 1 related human gift for their mommy or daddy
  • a note card saying who you are and anything else you might want to share

The Meow Themes:

  • February: anything pink
  • March: anything green
  • April: anything purple
  • May: anything yellow
  • June: anything white
  • July: anything blue [red,white and blue]
  • August: anything any color
  • Sept: anything black
  • Oct: anything orange
  • Nov: anything brown
  • Dec: anything red and green
  • Jan: anything gold, silver [grey]

[Ex: you can send toys, food, sweaters, pop-up cubes, grass, bed blankets, big bones, ect....]

PhotobucketThat's it!!! Have tails and you will have fun! Sign up now!