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Friday, July 11, 2008

June Swap Very Late Posting

for me?? really??

My sincere apologies to Queen Snickers and Empress for the lateness of this post. Also to Miz Allie Cat cause she works so hard to put all this together and it took us forever to psot a thank you. My mommy got sick on her trip and has been pukey all week. It has been gross.

I am very glad to have yummy food based on the fantastic movie the Aristocats!! It is sooooooooo good. OK, it WAS so good. It is gone now! ha ha ha

The wooley bully toy was fun to play with on the bed while mommy slept (good for pouncing and she would dangle it by the tail for me to bat). I hope she gets better soon cause she is keeping me up at night.

Mommy wishes she had the cool kitty purse when the went to VEGAS. It may have brought her better luck. She didn't win any green papers. I'm sorry there aren't better pictures, mommy just was not up to it.


Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Yea you got it! You noticed the whapping ball glows in the dark? We thought it was awesome. Momma has to hunt down some more for us!!

DabookLady said...

ohhh meow...love the bag....what a great package...meow...

signing under moms account..meow