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Thursday, June 5, 2008

May Swap From the Wonderful PB&J

Thanks PB&J! I love my swap package. We're very sorry it took so long to post these.

For me??

2 fea-ver ball toys of my very own! and based on my reaction, a yellow sock toy that must have nip in it.
I think the cats on the cool card I got are trying to imitate Skeezy and Daisy.

Mommy would show you her using the nice smelling soap, but this is a family blog. ha ha ha It smells very good!

Here is the aftermath of my play session with the yellow fea-ver ball. I bunny kicked it so hard I caught the end of the carpet runner!

Thanks so much PB&J! You all rock!!!


PB & J said...

We're so glad that you like it Mr. Hendrix! Mommy couldn't resist the card, it made her laugh and laugh!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

I'm very sorry Mr. Hendrix for trying to steal the toys that Mommy got for you. She bought a toy for us too, but yours was just so bright and feathery! I hope you don't mind a little slobber and a few tooth marks!

Your Friend,

Miz Allie Cat said...

oh my that card is funny...meow...meow..meowwwwwww

Miz Allie Cat